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1553 - 1610

When King Henri III of France was assassinated in 1589, King Henri III of Navarre became King Henri IV of France. King Henri III of France was the last of the Valois line of French Kings. King Henri IV was the first of a new Bourbon dynasty.

The first time I encountered King Henri IV of France, he was standing bronzed and erect outside the northern gate, of the town of Marvejols in Gevaudan in France. This image of Henri had been created in the 1950s by local artist Emmanuel Auricoste, who had also created a sculpture of the beast of Gevaudan. Without wishing to deride the sculptor's work, I must say that I doubt whether Henri or the beast, would have been flattered by their metallic representations. A nearby notice informed me that the reason that Henri IV's statue had pride of place at this fortified gatehouse, was because Marvejols had been rebuilt on his orders, in recognition of it's population's loyalty to him. The reason it had needed to be rebuilt was because it had been destroyed by catholic forces, as a punishment for supporting Henri, in the days when he had been a protestant.

It is interesting that Henri Bourbon, ruled as King Henri III of Navarre (a land to the south west of France), at the same time that Henri Valois ruled France, as King Henri III of France. When Henri III of France was assassinated, Henri III of Navarre also became Henri IV of France. It is to King Henri III of Navarre who also became King of France as Henri IV, that this site is dedicated.

A black and white portrait of King Henri 4 of France

This page has been evolving, since 25th January 2003. My intention is to provide a resource of information about Henri IV of France. My own contributions will be in English language, but I will willingly accept submissions from others, in English, French or German. I would also welcome pictures of people and places that are or were prominent, in their connection with Henri IV.

If you make a submission, I will need your full name and email address, which will be posted on this web site, along with your submission. By making a submission you are stating that you have not knowingly violated any copyrights.


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A picture of the statue of Henri 4 of France, which was sculpted by Auricoste and which stands outside the Northern gate of Marvejols in Gevaudan in France




A picture of a red shield with a linked chain motif, representing the kingdom of Navarre

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